The Department of Occupational Standards has announced the results of the RPL Assessment conducted for Mason NC2, Plumber NC2, Construction Carpenter NC2 & Welder NC2 at Jigme Wangchuck Power Training Institute, Dekiling for the Build Bhutan Project (BBP) trainees from 11th – 17th April, 2022.

The trainees are notified to note that appeals on assessment results, if any, should be forwarded to the department within or before 20th April, 2022.

Download Results:

1. Welder NC2

2. Carpenter NC2

3. Mason NC2

4. Plumber NC2

The Department also requests trainees to check NAME SPELLINGS and CID Number. If there are imprecisions, please submit the CID COPY through email at: within or 20th April, 2022. If the Department doesn’t receive any rectification applications, details provided will be treated as correct and proceed to print certificates. The trainees may contact respective institutes  / Department for certificates.